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S&M PRP Kit Unique / Proven Success

SM PRP Kit Unique, CGF Kit, Bone Marrow, Stemcell Treatment
Kum Saati PRP Kit, PRP Tüp, The Best PRP Tube, Yüksek Trombosit Dozu, High DEPA Score

Pure PRP

If you say that "I apply PRP treatment but without success"
We advise you to try our PRP Unique Kit.

What is S&M PRP Kit Unique?

It has the capacity to take 14-15 ml of blood. After the centrifuge, the Buffy Coat is adjusted to the narrow section in the middle and collected very comfortably with the injector from the top cap. It gives high platelet concentration. PRP collection problem in double and single cap tubes is almost non-existent with this design. High quality PRP is obtained in every application. Since the design structure is similar to Hourglass, it is also called Hourglass PRP.

S&M PRP Unique Single PRP Tube

1 pc Unique PRP Tube (15 ml and 20 ml options available)

In sterile vacuum pack 

PRP Kit Unique Tubes, Unique PRP Tüpü, Smart PRP Kit

S&M PRP Kit Unique / Full Blister Kit

1 pc Unique PRP Tube (15 ve 20 ml options available)  

with all preparation accessories inside the sterile blister pack

S&M PRP Unique Full Kit, Blister PRP Full Kit, PRP Set

S&M PRP Kit Unique / How to Use?

S&M PRP Unique Platelet Count Report

Before Centrifuge (291,000 PLT/nl)

Unique Platelet Count before centrifuge

After Centrifuge (2,4 Milyon PLT)

Unique PRP Platelet Count Report, Trombosit sayımı PRP Unique Tüp
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