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S&M PRP Multicap

SM PRP, Çift Kapaklı PRP Sistemi, CGF PRP PRF, STR Biyo

Double Capped PRP Systems

It has vacuum, 12 ml blood collection capacity. Blood is filled with vacuum from the upper cap (rubber stopper) and PRP is taken from the bottom cap after centrifugation. Thus, the surface the needle touches remains sterile, this is the difference from a single cap. It is named as MULTICAP because it has double caps. Since the Buffy Coat spreads over a wide surface after centrifugation, PRP collection requires high dexterity.


2 different kits were created using MULTICAP system;

1-Multicap Blister Pack Full Kit

2 pcs PRP Tubes (w Anticoagulant)

1 pc Activation Tube (Ca+)

With full aspiration and application equipment

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S&M PRP Multicap Single Kit

1 pc PRP Tube (Anticoagulant)

1 pc Spinal Needle

1 pc Blood Collection Needle

SM Multicap PRP, Easy PRP, Tlab PRP, T-Lab PRP Kit
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