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Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique that uses micro-injections of...

Pure mezoterapi, kolajen hyaluronik asit kokteyli
Pure logo mezoterapi

Stretch marks, acne marks, scar marks and other skin imperfections are undesirable for anyone from an aesthetic point of view. The Revitalize Pure unique formulation have the perfect mixture and balance of collagen with hyaluronic acid. It increases the generation of new collagen fibres, repairs and reinforces the existing ones.

Repairing and restructuring treatment which was dreamed about, is now a reality…

Indication: For all skins that need to regenerate the texture and tonality.

Pure icons
Essence Revitalize mezoterapi

Revitalize Essence has both high and low-density molecules perfectly balanced to give optimum hydration coupled with a robust viscosity. This combination makes it a ‘hybrid’ product offering clients the rejuvenating properties of a top-quality mesotherapy serum whilst physically smoothing wrinkles and skin imperfections in a similar way that dermal fillers work within the tissues.

Essence icons
Booster revitalize mesotherapy, epidermal growth factor serum for scars, skin rejuvenation, yara izleri, doğum çatlakları

Growth factors are naturally produced when a wound in our body requires tissue reparation. Fractional lasers in the aesthetics field based on this exact same process, the doctor creates a microscopic wound that triggers EGF production.

Revitalize Booster is an EGF (Epidermal Grow Factor) of the last generation.
Booster is a protein composed of 53 amino-acids widely present in our skin. It increases keratinocyte proliferation of the corneal epithelium, endothelial cell and fibroblast (protein synthesis and glycosaminoglycans).

Indication: It promotes dermal repair increasing its self-regeneration rate.

Booster mesotherapy icons
Revitalize Vitamins for skin rejuvenation
Vitamins for skin mesotherapy

Stress, sun over-exposure, wrong diet and aging the appearance. To keep it in good condition or recover it to a shiny and healthy skin, treat it correctly. Revitalize Vitamins special formula is composed of 70 essential ingredients for bringing back the skin’s beauty lost somehow and to maintain it. Its composition contains: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and coenzymes that improve and revitalize the state of the skin with an immediate result of healthier skin.

Indication: Revitalizing and illuminating.

Body mesotherapy
Body mesotherapy logo

Body and facial flaccidity is a direct consequence of aging and/or weight variations. To maintain a firm skin, without wrinkles, we must be very consistent with a healthy diet and a good hydration habits. Revitalize Body formula is composed of hyaluronic acid, organic compounds, DMAE and Dexpanpentol, which will reaffirm and restore the collagen fibres that support the skin, shaping them again, removing the skin sagging effect and flaccidity.

Indication: Flaccidity, striae, post laser, post peeling or scrubs and alopecia.

Revitalize Body how to use mesotherapy
Revitalize slim, fat burning, selülit mezoterapisi, yağ yakıcı mezoterapi, bölgesel incelme ve selülit giderici
Slim mesotherapy, sıkılaşma mezoterapisi

Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress are the main reasons of excess fat accumulation. It has become one of the main requests for an aesthetic treatment. Revitalize Slim new lipolytic and anti-cellulite formula is composed of an insulin-like growth factor, phosphatidylcholine, sodium deoxycholate, carnitine and trace elements.

Effectiveness from the first session…

Indication: Localized fat accumulation spot as belly, back of the arm, neck and legs.

Slim mesotherapy
Hair growing, mesotherapy for hair restoration, saç mezoterapisi
Saç mezoterapisi, hair restoration

Mesotherapy for hair! The hair loss at an early age creates discomfort and embarrassment for anyone, man or woman. Revitalize Hair acts in the prevention, re-densification, and stimulation of hair foliculos matrix responsible for the hair and eyebrow grow.

Moreover, Revitalize Hair acts at the dermal level on fibroblast situated next to the foliculos bulbs optimizing the development of the hair matrix.

Indications: Nourishing the scalp and promoting hair growth.

Hair mesotherapy, saç güçlendirme, saç dökülme karşıtı mezoterapi
Whitening the skin, beyazlatıcı mezoterapi
Beyazlatıcı Mezoterapi

Superficial pigmentation can be easily removed but deep pigmentation ( like deep Melasma, joints pigmentation, etc…) requires a Meso procedure. Mesotherapy allows to reach the deeper layers of skin.

Depositing the serum, Revitalize White Skin, increasing freshness and glow to the skin, thanks to its special formulation.

The effectiveness of whitening Meso is much higher than long term topical whitening creams.

Indications: Lighten skin tone and reduce skin spots.

Beyazlatma, leke giderici mezoterapi, revitalize white skin
Derma Pen


Revitalize Pen is a small but powerful cordless device used for microneedling procedures. It has an anatomical form to optimise handling and comfort during its use. It comes in a very elegant suitcase where all necessary instruments can be allocated inside including the spare battery, make up removal, cotton and the My Filler Revitalize mesotherapy cocktails.

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