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What are PRP, CGF and PRF?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is to undergo the centrifugation of the blood taken from the patient, to physically concentrate and inject the target tissue in order to obtain fast tissue rejuvenation and healing. PRP is in liquid form.

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) therapy is to perform tissue renewal by injecting concentrated growth factor plasma into the patient by physically or chemically activating the platelet plasma (doing activation while in the tube) by centrifuging the blood sample taken from the patient. While activation in PRP starts in tissue after injection, it takes place in the tube during CGF process.

PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) therapy is to obtain Fibrin-rich plasma by centrifuging the blood sample taken from the patient and running the clot mechanism. It is obtained as a clotted product in plasma gel consistency in PRF. Platelet rich part is taken and mixed with bone graft and applied to the target tissue.


PRP, CGF and PRF treatment methods are actually built on exactly the same basis. The treatment origin is to create tissue regeneration by using the growth factors in the platelets in all three applications. The differences between these treatments are due to differences in the methods of obtaining plasma.

PRP History

It was first used in 1987 in open heart surgery.
PRP gained popularity after being applied to well-known NBA players in the 1990s.

How Rich should Platelet Rich Plasma be?

In Clinical Studies, the therapeutic threshold in PRP should be 1,000,000 plt / μl.

PRP de trombosit sayısı ne olmalı, PRP PLT sayımı, PRP Kitleri

PRP Treatment Physiology

Alfa Granül, Alpha Granules, Trombocyts, Trombosit, Platelet, PRP Tedavi Mekanizması, PRP Saç Tedavii
Wide variety of Growth Factors and 200 different proteins
Cell Growth     Cell Formation  Chemotaxis   Cytokine Release   Collagen Synthesis

How should the centrifuge device be?

CGF Cihazı, PRP Cihazı, Santrifüj, Centrifuge for PRP CGF, PRP Kiti
Flying Rotor
No vibration
Should be set accordinf to RCF
Cooling and UV Sterile

How much and How to take PRP?

PRP Separation after centrifuge, Santrifüj sonrası PRP ayrışımı

Buffy Coat = PLT + Leukocyte
If 1/4 dilution intake is made in 15 ml blood, a total of 1.5-2 ml PRP should be taken and applied to the target point.

The remaining PPP can be taken and applied around the target point separately.

PRP Klinik Yayın, PRP Toplama Tekniği, Doğru PRP, Kaliteli PRP, PRP Kit, En kaliteli PRP

In clinical publications and scientific studies
PRP Activity was found to be directly proportional to ASPIRATION TECHNIQUE & CONCENTRATION and DOSAGE.

PRP Alım Tekniği

Tornado Method

PRP Alım Tekniği, Etkili PRP

Important Warnings

> The right patient should be chosen
> Thick needle can be preferred while taking from the tube, and fine needle can be preferred when applying.
> Total number> 1.000.000 μl (Correct Kit & Aspiration Technique)
> LA & Steroids change ambient PH and Effect is reduced
> NSAII should not be taken 3 days before - 1 week later
> Blood thinners should not be taken until 3 days before and 1 day after.
> PRP is an auxiliary treatment method. REHABILITATION after PRP is very important.

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