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Growthcell CGF Kit

Growthcell CGF Sistemi
  • Tube 1 Separation tube containing Sodium Citrate

  • Tube 2 Activation Tube with Calcium Chloride

  • 10 ml of blood is taken into Tube 1 under vacuum

  • 1st centrifuge is done in 1900 RCF for 8 minutes

  • Along with some RBC, all plasma is collected, transferred to Tube 2 and shaken gently.

  • Tube 2 is centrifuged for 4 more minutes at 2000 RCF

  • All activated plasma is removed and applied

  • As the activation starts in the tube compared to PRP, the result will be observed much faster.

  • It has effective results in knee therapy, hair treatment, rejuvenation practices and skin treatment.

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How to prepare GrowthCell CGF System?

Growthcell Kullanım Şekli

1-) Fill Blood into Tube1 with vacuum

Growthcell kullanım
Growthcell CGF Kullanım şekli

4-) Centrifuge Tube2 for another 4 minutes at 3500 RPM.

2-) Centrifuge at 3200 RPM for 8 minutes

Growthcell kullanım şekli
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5-) All plasma, except RBC below, is drawn and applied

3-) Take the whole plasma with some erythrocytes and transfer it to Tube 2 and mix gently 7-8 times.

growthcell cgf sistemi

How to prepare GrowthCell CGF System?

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