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S&M PRP Kit Monocap 

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Single Cap PRP Tubes Kits

It has vacuum, 10 ml - 12 ml - 15 ml blood collection capacity. Blood is filled with vacuum from the same cap (rubber stopper) and PRP is taken from the same cap after centrifugation. Since it has a single cap, it is named as MONOCAP. It is a classic system. Since the Buffy Coat is spread over a wide surface after centrifugation, PRP collection requires high dexterity.


2 different Kits were created using the Monocap system;

S&M PRP Full Kit Monocap

1-Monocap Blister Packed Full PRP Kit

2 pcs PRP Tubes (with Anticoagulant)

1 pc PRP Activation Tube (Calcium Chloride)

With full aspiration and application equipments.

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S&M PRP Monocap Tekli Kit

2-Monocap Single Kit

1 pc PRP Tube (Anticoagulant = Sodium Citrate)

1 pc Long Needle

1 pc Blood Collection Needle

S&M PRP Monocap, PRP Kiti, CGF Kiti
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