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We are manufacturing our PRP, CGF, SVF and PRF Kits under ISO 13485, GMP and 2017/745 MDR conditions.

What is PRP?   S&M PRP Kits

Since PRP treatment is a very new form of treatment, people wonder what is prp, prp kit prices, what are the details of prp hair and knee applications. PRP is the abbreviation of the English words "platelet rich plasma" and means rich plasma in regards of platelets. It is a complementary medical treatment method that provides healing in the target tissue by concentrating the platelets in the circulating blood and containing the growth factors by centrifugation method and applying them to the target points. As of 2023, PRP is a scientific and medical treatment method that has proven its effectiveness with thousands of clinical studies, has been accepted all over the world, and has close to 65,000 clinical studies on international scientific platforms.

Product Range , Flexible Production Line

Customer Satisfaction

We reviewed all scientific publications on PRP, CGF, SVF, PRF treatments. We designed 6 different PRP Kits with the S&M PRP brand. We have created different kits for Bone Marrow and SVF Kit production for stem cell therapy, CGF, PRF treatments. We have been producing OEM and OBL for nearly 25 different brands for 8 years.

We carefully listened to the feedbacks from our customers, especially our physicians. We transferred all the feedbacks to our R&D unit. We based the start of innovative PRP Kits and Stem Cell kits related products on solid root causes. We have adopted the best PRP price policy as a principle in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

On Time Delivery

We know how important and urgent the products we produce are for our customers and patients. That's why we ship all orders we receive on the same day.


STR Bio Technologies manufactures all products in Clean Room (ISO 7) conditions in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, GMP and 93/42/AT Medical Device Regulations and 2017/745 MDR Regulations.

STR in Turkish and Global Market


We manufacture our products in our Corum Industria factory with 100% domestic facilities.

We do active sales in 56 countries around the world

We're actively selling in 73 cities with our 5 centers in Turkey

Our products are being used in thousands of clinics in the World and in Turkey

The best PRP sales in 2022

Approximately 25 different brand usOEMas preferred.


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