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Advised Injection Technique

Lineer Injection Technique

Lineer Injection

Recommended for: Sites such as periorbital, removing the darkness under the eyes, or perioral, removing the wrinkles from the keratinized epidermis (smoke lines), natural lips and hydration. My Filler Soft is also used to boost and maintain a vibrant complexion and prevent wrinkles returning.


My Filler Soft is very fluid, so the use of it with Mesotherapy techniques is also suitable. Produced using TRIO Technology, it has the smallest HA concentration in the My Filler range, just 20mg/ml. It has a very low viscosity making it extremely easy to inject with a 27G or 30G needle.

Micro Droplet Injection Technique

Micro dropplet

Advised Needles

27G 8x1 needle


30G 8x Needle


Advised Injection Points

1 2 3 4 1 2 3

My Filler Soft pack contains: 1 sterile prefilled syringe with 1 ml, 2 needles 27G 1/2”, 2 product labels, 1 multilanguage instruction leaflet, 1 patient card.

MyFiller SOFT - Apply on which points of the face?

SOFT Yüz Uygulama Noktaları

Note: MyFiller SOFT can be applied for MALE and FEMALE.

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