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Advised Injection Technique

Linear injection, dolgu enjeksiyon tekniği


Micro Droplet Injection

This method uses high air pressure to deliver the product into the dermis similar to the insulin injector. The product is placed into a sterile cartridge, which connects to the instrument and then the equipment “shoots it” into the dermis via a microscopic hole on the front of the cartridge.


Not all products are suitable to be used with Hyaluron Pen as the microscopic hole requires specific physical-chemical product features. The product placed into the cartridge must have a very low viscosity, be sterile, of medical quality hyaluronic acid and be absent of any toxic residuals.

We introduce you to My Filler HA Refill... Produced using DUAL Link Technology, My Filler HA Refill has 18mg/ml concentration of monophasic cross linked HA and 2mg/ml of monophasic non-cross linked HA. It has a very low viscosity suitable for injection with a 27G or 30G needle or Hyaluron Pen.

Micro dropplet

Advised Needles

27G_8x-1 needle for filler


30G_8 mm needle


HA-Refill-Drops-980x409 Filler manufacturing technology
HA-Pen_8x pen for mesotherapy

Hyaluron Pen

My Filler HA Refill pack contains: 1 sterile prefilled syringe with 1 ml, 2 needles 27G 1/2”, 2 product labels, 1 multilanguage instruction leaflet, 1 patient card.

MyFiller REFILL apply on which points of face?

REFILL Yüz Uygulama Noktaları

Applicable for both Males and Females

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