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Advised Injection Technique

Linear injection


Micro Droplet Injections

Micro dropplet

Advised Needles

27G_8x-1 needle


Cannula_8x , dolgu kanülü

My Filler Glips has a special formulation created by taking into consideration a variety of differences: biological, structural, colour, shape and volume. Its purpose is to provide an immediate and long-term solution whilst fulfilling the patient’s desires and expectations.



Produced using DUAL Link Technology, it has 20mg/ml concentration of monophasic cross linked HA and 5mg/ml of monophasic non-cross linked HA. It has a medium viscosity suitable for injection with a 27G needle or cannula. Several injection techniques are suitable with My Filler Glips such as linear or point technique.

Glips dudak dolgusu

Offering an alternative with a higher HA dose in a single sterile syringe/box, we expect to save on packing material, transport costs, storage space and waste material making My Filler Glips+ more environmentally friendly without compromising the final result which every My Filler patient deserves.

There are several filler injection techniques nowadays and several lip shapes.


Glo Lips shape

Glo Lips

Natural lip, doğal dudak şekli


Russian Lips, Rus dudağı

Russian Lip

Paris Lips

Paris Lip

My Filler Glips+ ensures that the practitioner working with such a high quality product in a larger dose can achieve perfect results with greater patient satisfaction.

My Filler Glips pack contains: 1 sterile prefilled syringe with 1 ml / 2 ml, 2 needles 27G 1/2”, 2 product labels, 1 multilanguage instruction leaflet, 1 patient card.

MyFiller GLIPS, apply on which points of face?

GLIPS Yüz Uygulama Noktaları

Applicable for both Males and Females

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